Email Design

A tried-and-true method

Websites aren’t the only way to enlighten audiences to your brand or message. Since the mid-90’s, email has been a key marketing staple in terms of advertising and organic growth. The great part is knowing that each email crafted will be received by people that have shown an interest in your brand or product.

Kind of like a mini-website

Newsletters, product offerings, event details. You think it, we can make it. I build modern email templates coupled with a responsive framework. Each template is tested and verified to perform properly in Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook/Outlook Office, and many more email service providers (ESP).

What’s your preferred platform?

If you need a template built for a particular system (MailChimp, ExactTarget, etc.), that can be done.
In my pervious experience, MailChimp has been the best option for transitioning small businesses in taking on an administrative role once the template is complete.

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